Wooden Brown wahu-Balanceboard

easy to learn for kids and adults
€ 148,75 € 175
delivery time 2-3 working days
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Made in Germany

Onze boards zijn handgemaakt in geselecteerde fabrieken in Beieren

Belastbaar tot 120kg

Onze boards weerstaan gemakkelijk zware lasten

Gratis verzending binnen de EU

Express levering bij je thuis in 2-5 dogen

Format & Details


FORMATS: board: approx. 30cm x 80cm | cork roll: approx. 10cm x 40cmGröße wahu-Board

⚖️ Load recommendation: up to approx.120kg body weight

🌳 100% real wood for perfect stability, sustainability and unique natural look

♻️ Our products and packaging are completely free of plastic and synthetic materials. For our environment

🏄‍♂️Our boards are particularly scratch-resistant due to the balance board surface made of real wood veneer and convince with a long service life permanently with beautiful optics

📺 With our free instructional videos you will learn the first steps on the board, so that your learning curve will be extremely steep and you can quickly celebrate success on the board.

🏄‍♂️⛷🛹Fun sports training: train your surfing, skateboarding or snowboarding skills from anywhere with our balance board, so you'll be even more confident on the board next time and get more waves, for example.

🏔🌊 Feel freedom: experience the same fun as surfing, skating or snowboarding, without mountains, waves or the perfect weather. You only need the roller and the board and you can practice from anywhere like at home, in the backyard or at the lake together with friends.

🤙 Unique board shape: our board curved in length and width, so you can do unlimited tricks besides normal balance exercises and really let off steam.

💪 Whole Body Training: Through the balance exercises, you strengthen your overall muscles & coordination, so you stay fit and can react faster in other fun sports.

We answer your open questions-  you can also reach us by phone at +49(0)8581 96999 30Niklas von wahu-Board

Is the roll included with the board?
Yes, the roll is of course included with every wahu-Board.

Up to which body weight is the wahu board recommended?
Up to 120 kg body weight

Do I need a mat for wahuboarding?
No. A mat is not absolutely necessary. We would recommend a mat if you want to protect your parquet or laminate floor.

How do I start with the wahu board if I have never stood on a board before?
Don't worry. With every order you get a free beginner's guide. In the guide we explain how to get on the board and how to get a feeling for the wahu board. You will be able to stand on the board very quickly and start with your first tricks. :)
You are also welcome to exchange tips & tricks with other wahu boarders in our Facebook community group. :)

I still have questions. How can I reach you?
We are happy to help you. Contact Magdalena by e-mail at support@wahuboard.com or during our service hours (Mon-Thu: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm / Fri: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm by phone at +49 (0)8581 96999 30. You are also welcome to exchange ideas with other wahu-boarders in our Facebook community group :)

How fast will my board be shipped?
Your board will be shipped within 2-5 business days - have fun with it. :)

What is special about the wahu board?
Our boards are characterized by the particularly curved Rockershape. This gives you the greatest possible freedom of movement, trick and balance.

How long do I need until I can really wahu-board?
You will notice very quickly that you are making progress. As a rule, real beginners need 2-3 intensive practice days until they feel confident.

What material is the board made of?
Our wahu-boards are made of 100% real wood. We are completely plastic-free, sustainable and especially durable.

Per sold board we collect 1kg ocean plastic from the sea

So far we have already been able to collect over 6000+ kg of plastic

Help and become a part of this great movement with your wahu-Board

Mehr Infos

Everyone knows the bad feeling when you find plastic in places where it just doesn't belong.... With wahu, you can remove 1kg of ocean plastic with your board purchase.
Always wanted to do your part for clean oceans? We have found a way to make it happen together. Together we can free the ocean and beaches around Bali from plastic waste with Dominik and his startup Oceanmata. For every wahu balance board sold, we can directly collect 1kg of ocean plastic and thus clean nature from this trash.

Stories from our community

Made in Germany

Our boards are produced in selected factories in Bavaria from real wood. The surface is made of real wood veneer to guarantee you a long life and an especially scratch-resistant board.

real unique

Sustainable, made from real wood, for extreme durability. Our board is 100% plastic and plastic free. For our environment.


Join the free wahu community and connect with other wahuboarders.

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